Vintage Pieces

A living room with vintage accent pieces. Shown with Duette Honeycomb Shades, available at C.D. Michaels, Inc. in Bedford Heights, OH

A vintage piece adds personality to a room.

Are you feeling afraid to add an antique to your modern decorating style? Relax! A vintage piece complements almost any décor and adds your own personality to a room.

Sometimes we envision antiques as being overly formal and hundreds of years old. But many antiques are much newer and more relaxed in style. In addition to Victorian furniture and even older, more traditional pieces, think:

– Sleek mid-century modern pieces
– Art Deco pieces from the early 20th century
– Casual American pieces from the 19th century and earlier

Vintage items can bring back good memories.

You can purchase antiques from a variety of sources. Best of all is using a piece you’ve inherited from a dear friend or family member because of the memories of that cherished person. It’s also fun to pick up an antique when you go on a vacation, because these pieces bring back good remembrances, too.

Some delicate antiques need tender loving care, while others are solidly constructed and may be already distressed, with surfaces that are painted, stained or unfinished, so there are no worries about spills and dents. Someone else has already broken them in for you!

A touch of the old makes your décor look new.

A home office with an antique turquoise table lamp. Shown with Vignette Modern Roman Shades, available at C.D. Michaels, Inc. in Bedford Heights

When you think about adding a vintage piece, think beyond just furniture such as chairs, end tables, dining tables, Bombay chests and desks.

Think also about beautiful vintage accessories, including:
– Lamps
– Mirrors
– Rugs
– Posters, and
– Knick-knacks.

Don’t be nervous about mixing a vintage piece with your modern décor. A touch of the old will refresh your look!

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