A sitting area with a chair and an ottoman. Shown with Designer Banded Shades from Hunter Douglas, available at C.D. Michaels, Inc. in Bedford Heights, OH

Five ways ottomans enhance a room.

Also called hassocks, footstools or footrests, ottomans have so many more uses that just resting your tired feet. They are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and dens.

Ottomans provide:
– A place to set a tray of drinks or a plate of cookies
– Extra seating when you have guests
– A convenient surface for playing a game of chess or checkers
– A seating area to put on shoes and socks
– Some provide extra storage inside

Ottomans add flexibility, style and function.

Ottomans are super flexible because they can be moved around a room, against a wall or under a table.

They come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics and styles to complement any décor and any size constraints. In addition to the typical square or rectangular shape, think oval or round.

You can use a fabric that matches your bedding or furniture to make the ottoman blend in – or choose fabric that contrasts to add an engaging accent.

Want to create a scene?

A dramatic ottoman in a home study. Shown with Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters, available at C.D. Michaels, Inc. in Bedford Heights

Consider an unexpected color or bold print to call attention to this flexible piece of furniture. Or drape a scarf, pashmina or throw over an ottoman to add drama.

If you’re worried about dirt from people’s feet or staining from spills, you can even slipcover your ottoman.

This season, add an ottoman to your interior. Then start thinking about all the ways you can use it!

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