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Decorating with White

Make your home feel more bright and airy

The color white will help your house feel bright, airy and cool. It’s perfect for hot summer days and evenings, yet lasts throughout the year, lightening a room on dark winter days.

Even though 'white' seems like one color, the shade actually comes in many different versions. Warm white hues are often used to enhance elegant home designs, while cooler tones work well in contemporary or modern rooms.

A living room decorated in shades of white. Combining cool and warm shades of white creates a serene feeling in the room.


Almost any interior design elements look beautiful in white, including:

  • Paint on walls and moldings
  • Upholstery and drapery fabric
  • Floor coverings, including rugs, carpets and hard surfaces
  • Tile backsplashes, showers, walls and countertops
  • Window treatments
  • Table and bed linens
  • Accessories

You can decorate a room almost all in white without it appearing bland, boring or stark. The key is using a variety of textures – rough and smooth finishes, soft and hard qualities, and matte and glossy surfaces.

A bedroom with a variety of white textures and patterns Consider adding a variety of white textures and patterns to add interest.


White can calm your rooms or make them more energetic depending on the shade of white you select and the colors you use around it.

  • White is stunning and energizing when used with black
  • White is warmed up when joined with dark, rich colors like chocolate brown, deep blue or gray
  • White is serene when paired with other neutrals, such as cream, taupe, tan and light gray
  • White can be combined with almost any other color palette, including shades of blue, green, pink, red or gold

Add white to your décor for a bright and airy look that works all year round.

A bedroom with white and darker blue and brown accents White is warmed up when joined with darker, rich colors.

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